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Green Planet: door-to-door sales

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door to door sales

So this is a bit off topic for my blog, but Green Planet came to my door last night and I want to share my story.

Ever had someone come to your door to sell something?  I bet we all have.  I understand that it’s their job, and it’s a tough job.  However, the door to door sales industry needs to smarten up.  I will not sign anything without some research, and there are far too many scams for me to trust the salesperson that comes to my door.  Here is what happened last night…

The doorbell rang and I later found out that it was two representatives from a company called ‘Green Planet’ (“GP reps”) – if you read nothing else then read this: do not let them in, do not sign anything (at least not without some research!). By the way, I’m located in Ontario.  My husband answered the…

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Studies on Aspartame Don’t Tell the Whole Story

This is a great article on aspartame. If you’re still consuming it then this is a must read. It’s also a must read for those people (like me) who want to learn why you should avoid something.


My latest article on Breaking Muscle breaks down the science behind the health of aspartame, enjoy.

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You Shouldn’t Need A Reason For Not Having Kids

This is a great read. I get that people want to ask, and sometimes they are just making conversation. However, I do wish more people were more sensitive to this subject and aware of the impact the question can have.

Thought Catalog


I wore a maxi dress to work today. The frequency in which I wear dresses to work is about once per month. I am more of a jeans and blouse kind of girl. So on the spontaneous day that I wear a dress like I did today, people notice and sometimes talk about it in the same way they might if I showed up with a tattoo on my face. Most days I don’t mind this. Today was not one of those days.

It was mid-morning and I was chatting with a coworker about my decision to go to 7/11 last night for a glazed doughnut (or two) at 11:00 p.m. I ate the doughnuts right before bed (I had had a day, okay?) and this morning when I woke up the first thing I saw was my crumpled up 7/11 doughnut wrapper on my nightstand staring at me, shaming me…

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Daily Tip 6: Watching the Scale Could Be the Reason You Don’t See that Number Go Down

Don’t be a slave to the scale! I’ve always said that I don’t want to focus on the numbers too much. I know that it’s important to keep a weekly/bi-weekly track. However, there was a time in my life where I stepped on the scale 3 to 4 times a day (yes, most times I used my bathroom). I was obsessed and I would get very upset if the numbers went up. I never want to go back there. My weight fluctuates considerably during the day. Now I focus on getting all things right (excercise, food, trying to keep those stress levels low etc) and have faith that the scale will show the results at my scheduled weigh ins. If it doesn’t then I need to look at where adjustments may need to be made. Jumping on the scale whenever I go to the bathroom is not constructive for me at all! Foxy – O

What Matters Nutrition

Do you step on the scale every morning with the hope of results that never seem to come fast enough? Do you get frustrated? I bet it ruined your day when you gained weight even when you did almost everything right. You probably know it’s wrong to let this affect your mood so much, but you can’t help it. You worked so hard and still went in the wrong direction. It’s probably just water weight, but it still hurts. I’ve been there.

This can be so discouraging! But there is a simple solution to this problem that you have probably already thought of while you were reading this – you need to step off the scale! Now this doesn’t mean you never weigh in again. You should still weigh in every week or two to make sure you are on the right track and see if adjustments need to be…

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C. Joybell C. says:

This is a powerful statement – one that says ‘I control me’. I love the positive vibe – knowing that I can choose to stand, to climb, to move forward and nothing will stop me in reaching my goals if I don’t let it. Foxy-O

The Müscleheaded Blog


“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”  

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Mental Strength is more important than Physical Endurane

Fantastic post about mental strength. Have a read! Foxy-O 🙂

Hoomy's World

In order to build muscle, increase flexibility, or over all stamina the same process must take place. Micro tears form in the muscle, tendons are stretch past comfort, and your lungs are deprived of oxygen; your muscles, tendons, and lungs, given proper rest and nutrients, will not only recover, but become stronger. This happens only if you push yourself beyond your physical limits. In other words, your mind must pick up the slack. It is a hard process to grasp at first, but it applies to almost anything in life.

By only trying do you have any chance of succeeding, and just like a new experience your muscles and organs ‘learn’ and adapt. You must push yourself beyond your comfort zone if you want to grow. If you want to become more fit, improve your diet, or do anything successfully you must have the mental strength to push past any…

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