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Review – iComfort Foot and Calf Massager (IC0912)

iComfort Foot and Calf Massager (IC0912)

iComfort Foot and Calf Massager (IC0912)

There are so many benefits to our health when we get a massage. I try to go at least once a month to a massage therapist.  I always get a full body massage. I love it. My body loosens up, my stress dissipates and I feel rejuvenated.

But let’s face it, it’s not cheap to go to a massage therapist and we don’t always have the time for a full 1 hour body massage. I’m not a ‘feet’ person. In fact, until I met my husband I didn’t want anyone to touch them. He insisted and gave me my first foot massage. I was sold! I’m a lucky woman – most days he’ll give me a mini foot massage.  I love the massages so much that I’ve been looking for a electric foot massager for ages.  I finally decided to invest in this one.  I saw prices range from $320 to $450 so it does not come cheap.

It arrived yesterday and I love it!

What I love

  • The fact that it is calf and foot!  Most massagers I saw were only foot – and even then it was usually just the base of the foot.  My calves are naturally very tight so I specifically wanted something to help with that.
  • It’s dry.  There are a lot of ‘water’ massagers out there.  I really wanted something that I could use while watching TV, that was low maintanence, and not messy.
  • I’m not a small girl and so I was worried that my calf would not fit comfortably in the provided space.  There is lots of room – I had no need to worry!
  • Reclining calf massage mechanism – my photo shows it at 90 degrees, it can go to 45 degrees.  Great for comfort.
  • The calf massage mechanism can be adjust according to the calf length of the user.  I’m 5ft 2 inches and I didn’t have to adjust for my comfort.
  • The air bags.  The products boasts about 34 air bags – 12 for the calf and 22 for the feet.  The air bags tighten and loosen around your foot during the massage.  It’s gently, but gets that blood circulating.
  • The air bags.  Again.  I started the massage without my feet in it – the bags on either side touched each other.  When I put my foot in the bags simply stopped growing once they had surrounded my foot. This means that people with all sized feet and calves can enjoy it.
  • The deep massage sensation.  I’ve used it on all 3 settings and can only manage the lowest setting for the full 15 minutes.  On setting 2 and 3 it was just a few seconds to try it out!  I might build up to that, but setting 1 is good enough for now!
  • The rollers under the feet.  There’s an option to turn this off, but wow – the feeling is sensational!  There’s a manual setting that I have yet to try out.
  • If I close my eyes it does feel like it’s someone massaging me (and yes, I imagine a really hot guy with muscles – because somehow that makes the massage way better!)
  • Easy to clean.  Foot lining can be easily removed for cleaning.

What it’s missing

  • A remote control.  The controls are between the legs. You have to have your feet in place before you start because as soon as you hit go the air bags start to blow up.  As mentioned, I’m not a small girl.  I have chunky thighs, but they are not particularly huge for someone of my weight.  However, unfortunately, as soon as i sit and put my legs in place my chunky thighs cover up most of the buttons.  It’s a guessing/feeling around game to hit the buttons to do what I want it to do.  The default is maximum strength so that’s the first thing I try to change!  It would be great if there was a remote control, or even if the controls were on the outside edge, rather than the middle.  My husband, who is slim, has no such issues.
  • An emergency stop button.  Ideally this should be placed in an easy to reach place for the user (outside rim).   Though, to be clear – if you hit the power button in the middle then it will immediately stop.  Due to my chunky legs it’s not that easy for me to get to – but I can if needed.
  • Someone to carry it.  It’s heavy and chunky – but that also means it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart on me after a few uses.  I hope it lasts forever!
  • According to my husband – the ability to do a full body massage… I had to explain to him that it wasn’t a ‘magic massager’…


Overall I definitely recommend buying this product.  I recommend starting with the lowest strength (#1).  Do a full round at the lowest strength so you learn all the ‘moves’.  I will try to use this daily – in fact, I just finished today’s session and I feel very, very relaxed 🙂



Spiralizer – my favourite kitchen tool

A couple of days ago I spoke with Jacque (Nacho) about my favourite kitchen tool – my spiralizer.  I really do love it, and think that everyone should have one.  It’s easy to use and clean, and helps me sneak veggies into my diet.  Today I had spaghetti bolognese using zucchini instead of pasta.  I thought I’d take some pictures for those of you haven’t been exposed to the awesome spiralizer before.

My spiralizer

Making “spaghetti bolognese” with my spiralizer

It’s so simple to use!  Cut the zucchini into chunks (so both sides have flat edges), put the chunk between the handle and the blades, turn the handle – that’s it!  I make the chunks about 4 to 5 inches long so the ‘spaghetti’ is not super long!  ‘Spaghetti’ strips will come out on the other side (I collect them in a bowl that I keep in the sink).  There is always some zucchini left over.  I cut up the leftovers and add it to my sauce.  I heat the zucchini in hot water for a couple of minutes before eating it with my yummy bolognese sauce (made with lean grass-fed beef and tomato sauce).

I bought this one through (I’m sure it’s on too).  There are others out there, but it was the one with the best reviews for the best value when I bought it.  If you have kids they will definitely have fun using this, and it might help you sneak some veggies into their food too.  It comes with 3 blades.  I use the smallest blade for ‘spaghetti’, but have used the other blades for cucumber, carrots, sweet potato (baked curly fries anyone?!)  and other veggies.  Veggies seem tastier when they are curly. 🙂

If you hadn’t guessed yet, I highly recommend the spiralizer!