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Bringing back the 90s

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There’s many things that put a smile on my face and this is one of them! I loved Fresh Prince, and I absolutely adored Carlton. Who else knows all the words to the theme song?! When you think of Carlton you think of one thing. And Alfonso reminded us all of that recently. I went through my most awkward stages in the 90s, but man did I laugh a lot too!

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars – I’m glad this is making the internet rounds 🙂

Here’s the full video – I hear they got a perfect score. Enjoy!


Author: Foxy-O

I’m a 30-something female who’s striving to be the healthiest woman I can be through diet and exercise. In early 2013 I was introduced to the world of Paleo. I completed Whole30 and had fantastic results. I had finally found something that worked for me! My blog is a jumble of my thoughts as I take the journey through my life. Somewhere for me to unleash my views, my challenges, my failures and my successes (hopefully!).

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