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Week 2: 30 days of cardio blast


Week 2 is done! I am feeling stronger, and definitely noticing a (good!) change in my ability to do the exercises. Days 8 to 14 consist of 3 bodyweight workouts, 2 cardio workouts, 1 challenge day and 1 sofa day.  No two days were the same.  I did various exercises.  Some exercises I had done in week 1, others were new.  For example, burpees, toe tap jumps and flutter kicks.  Slowly but surely I am noticing that the number of reps and intensity is increasing.

As you probably know, I’ve been completing this challenge with my friend.  Like week 1 we completed level 1 on each day.  Most days it took us under 15 minutes, with a couple of exceptions.  Here’s quotes from the week to give you some insight

Day 8
I did a heavy upper body workout at the gym, with some legs, and then came home and did the 200 half jacks.   I’m glad I went to the gym.  It feels like there’s been more ‘light’ (or close to light) days vs. really tough days recently.  Or maybe I’m just getting used to the 15 (or less mins) of heavy breathing?! LOL [@Foxy_O]

I wanted to go to 100 half jacks but my legs and breathing wasn’t about to let that happen.  So decided to do 100 by splitting them up. (Completed the next 100 the same way)  [friend]

Day 9
Oh, and the elbow to knee – needless to say I couldn’t touch them (together) but I squeezed as required!  Hoping that one day I can do all the exercises exactly how they are supposed to be done, rather than an attempt at them [@Foxy_O]

I was a bit nervous this would be a bit of a tough day, especially because of the 20 reps each instead of the 10.  However, it just felt like a decent overall day – not killing tough, not super light, just right! [friend]

Oh dear squats. I’m getting better at you. But this is the one part of the exercise I definitely FELT the 20 reps. Couldn’t we just do 10? Ahaha. Whatever, I could do it, and I did do it! [friend]

Day 10
Definitely felt today in my abs, but wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I did feel stronger compared to when I did the 1 arm raises – which wasn’t that long ago! (so maybe it’s in my mind?!) [@Foxy_O]

This day was a turning point for my friend. I am so proud of her!

Can I just say: I kicked ass!!!  I’m so proud of myself – I surpassed any expectation I had of what I could accomplish – yay!  I don’t know how I could see so many changes in 10 days, but obviously something is working from day 1 to now! [friend]

After reading my friend’s success: We must be getting stronger/better at the stuff because we are both seeing improvement!! Yay us!! [@Foxy_O]

Day 11
On this day my friend and I had completely different experiences.

Today was hard!  Let me explain – not because of the workout itself, but because it was combined with a trip to the gym.  I went back to the gym full swing this week for the first time since I had bronchitis/walking pneumonia.  Today was my first spin class since I was ill.  Before spinning I did an upper body workout (50 mins).  I left spin on empty.  By the time I got home my body was aching.  I just wanted to do nothing.  [@Foxy_O]

From the first jump I was struggling! It took everything in me to get through the 1st set, and then the 2nd to 6th.  It was a challenge for me. My legs were on fire, but I made it through.  [@Foxy_O]

Not much to say today…all seemed pretty darn easy to be honest.  Done in about 10 mins. 30 secs breaks between sets. [friend]

Day 12
Today was really easy for me.  I did 100 in one go (on the sofa).  I went online to look them up because although I felt my abs working, I felt like it was far too easy (I know it’s sofa day, but c’mon!).  I found a video with directions. I followed the video and did 100 more (also in one go).  Maybe my abs are stronger than I give myself credit for?! [@Foxy_O]

Update: Got bored so later in day I did 100 more on the floor. Did them in one go, felt my abs working.  This time I went slower and more controlled. [@Foxy_O]

Okay tried 20 of these on the couch and didn’t even feel like I did anything. Maybe my couch is too soft?  @Foxy_O sent me the video she looked at, so I decided to do them on the floor instead.  Definitely feel in abs…but in a good way. [friend]

Day 13
Got me sweaty and stinky… yeah baby!  My heart was pumping and I felt the increase in numbers from the last time we did the same exercises.  However, I was able to do it and enjoyed the challenge. [@Foxy_O]

My hips felt very stiff today. Overall felt low energy and wondering when the workout would end.  However, as close as I was to giving up and not finishing after 2 sets….I decided to stick with it and not be a quitter which is a new feeling for me. So yay on not quitting even though I really wanted to. [friend]

Day 14
This was, for me, the most challenging day so far!  If I found any previous day ‘easy’ this made up for it.  It was a huge kick in my butt, but I loved it!  When there is challenge there is change.  I had to push myself, but I got through it! [@Foxy_O]

It is always important to listen to your body, just as my friend did last night:

Didn’t do it. I don’t know what is going on with me, but my body feels like it has the flu, without actually having a flu if that makes sense. I feel weak, and legs wobbly, and my head is foggy. What the heck is going on? I’m disappointed too but I also need to listen to my body. Yes, while it’s all in the mind…there’s also something going on here I can’t ignore and it’s actually kinda freaking me out.  Will hopefully get to do the exercise at some point this week when feeling stronger…combine it with another lighter day or challenge day if one of those exist. [friend]

You know yourself when you are simply being lazy, or when you are actually not well.  Always be true to yourself and do what is right for you.  I know my friend is determined to complete this challenge and I know she will complete day 14, and any other day she misses, as soon as she feels up to it.

Day 15 today!  Bring it!

2 weeks in and this is exactly how I’m feeling!

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