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Week 1: 30 days of cardio blast


One whole week of the challenge is done! I’m feeling good 🙂

The first 7 days consist of 3 cardio workouts, 3 bodyweight workouts and 1 challenge. One thing I learned within the first couple of days was that it generally looks much easier on paper. Both the cardio workouts and bodyweight workouts got my heart rate up. I felt the burn every single day.  The workouts have been different everyday.  I’ve done various exercises including jumping jacks, donkey kicks, punches, high knees, skater hops, side to side choppers, leg raises, lunges, squats and planks.  Talk about variety!  This kept the days interesting and exciting.

It’s been really great having a friend to do this challenge with. It makes it much easier to stick with it, and also gives me that extra kick when I need it towards the end of sets.  We have been sharing our thoughts daily.  We both have been completing level 1 and have generally finished each workout in under 15 minutes.  Here are some of our thoughts:

Day 1
First set felt easy.  But that last set – not the same!  I almost wanted to stop when I started the jumping jacks on the last round.  My body didn’t feel like jumping AT ALL. [@Foxy_O]

First 3 rounds – 30 to 50 secs break.  Next 3 rounds – 60 to 75 secs.  So, sounds like we took similar breaks 🙂   I found the breaks gave me enough of a break that I could do the next round without stopping, but I was also conscious to not take break long enough for my heart rate to go back down completely. [@Foxy_O]

Overall experience: quick enough that I wasn’t bored or in super super pain. Easy enough first set to keep me confident. Perfect amount of a workout on day 1 to encourage me wanting to continue. [friend]

Day 2
Definitely felt it working different muscles to yesterday. Heart rate was up, and I was sweating. [@Foxy_O]

Hated going up and down up and down. My body found it so painful. I remember this pain from bootcamp. Just unnatural for my body to go from high to low and back again. Hence the WHOLE point of this exercise because my body SHOULD be able to do that without a problem. So even though I felt this was all super painful…I know it’s needed so stuck through it. [friend]

Day 3
Did housework and was feeling the pain in a spot in my back (felt like it’s the same from where I got injured).  Normally I wouldn’t have done anything, but I didn’t want to let both of us down – I had to do it.  My back pain disappeared and I was fine doing everything! [@Foxy_O]

One thing I’m loving is that I’m feeling different muscles after each workout.  It definitely feels like it’s overall body, just like it’s supposed to be. Also I love that the second that I feel like it’s too tough I know that the end is very near – all the sets are so quick that it’s motivating to know that very shortly I’ll get a well deserved break.  Definitely makes it easier to push through, and to continue giving it 110%. [@Foxy_O]

For the life of me I could not do plank jacks nor plank arm raises. I tried, I really did. So instead, I just did forearm planks (I find those harder that the higher arms ones). [friend]

Day 4
I like the idea of being able to spread it out the day.  You could literally spend a couple of mins every hour to do a few if you wanted to. [@Foxy_O]

Okay so I loved that this was essentially a ‘break’ day but that I still had a goal/something to do so that it was still part of my routine to do something every day. Thought that was cool. [friend]

Day 5
This was the first workout where I felt the motion was really fluid from one movement to the next – there was no going up and down for the different exercises. I really liked that – it was like – BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. I’m done! [@Foxy_O]

It wasn’t super easy though – I was breathing heavy (although did not break a sweat today). In addition, from the fourth set onwards i did feel my legs really feeling it as I hopped/jumped. I did try to jump higher on each round to make it more challenging. [@Foxy_O]

Wow this felt like a super easy rest day to me again. Finished in under 7 mins. Maybe I should have done a harder level/more reps? The only slight strain was the single hop one where my whole body weight was on one leg. Was over super quick though so was nothing more than a twinge in my shin. [friend]

Day 6
I found that this routine had a good mix of really challenging overall body exercises and others that gave my body a break, but still worked focused areas of my body. [@Foxy_O]

I deliberately took my time on the lunges and squats so took longer finishing this one (17 mins) even though I took shorter breaks in between sets. [friend]

Felt the lunges a little bit right away…and then really felt them from set 3 onwards. But not as bad as earlier in the week. I feel like maybe I’m making progress. [friend]

Day 7

I was dreading today.  I didn’t think I’d make it to be honest – but I did!  Thinking about it was worse than actually just doing it.  I’m going to try and avoid over-thinking the workout, and am just going to do it. [@Foxy_O]

Definitely sweating at the end. My legs will feel this tomorrow I bet! [friend]


So far so good.  This is a great free resource.  I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time, but just didn’t know where to start.  We have already started to notice small changes.  For example, finding certain exercises a little bit easier to physically manage.  It’s really motivating to have a mini-goal for the day – and to meet it.  There are places where we have both needed to adapt the exercise.  But that’s OK because we are still challenging ourselves.  We are pushing hard and giving it our all – there is nothing more I can ask of us.

Doing this 30 day challenge has ignited a spark in me again and I like it!  I will keep you all updated on our progress as we continue through the workouts 🙂

Day 8 today!

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