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Is it ever worth it?



Photo by @Foxy_O

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a picture of a decadant dessert. My friend quoted, with the picture “We shall not talk about the calories. It was worth it.” This made me stop and think (and not just because I believe it’s not only about the number of calories, but also about the quality of calories!)

Whether you count calories, or grams of carbs, or points, or quantity of clean food in your diet, is it really worth that ‘delicious’ one, two or ten bites of food that is not on your plan?  I’m far from perfect – I have fallen off the wagon more times than I can remember. From my experience, the thought of the ‘forbidden food’ is much better than the taste of the actual food. The taste never lives up to my expectations. Even if it does I will generally not feel that great after eating the ‘forbidden food’- everything from stomach aches, to hot flushes, to having trouble falling asleep. Having generally cut out processed foods from my diet for a while now I really notice the impact that processed food has on my body – and I don’t like it.

So, in conclusion, no – it’s not worth it. It’s not worth feeling the way I do afterwards, it’s not worth the feeling of guilt I feel, it not worth feeling the unhealthy cravings again.  And it’s not worth feeling like I have to start over again.


Author: Foxy-O

I’m a 30-something female who’s striving to be the healthiest woman I can be through diet and exercise. In early 2013 I was introduced to the world of Paleo. I completed Whole30 and had fantastic results. I had finally found something that worked for me! My blog is a jumble of my thoughts as I take the journey through my life. Somewhere for me to unleash my views, my challenges, my failures and my successes (hopefully!).

2 thoughts on “Is it ever worth it?

  1. I struggle with this, although choose to not look at it as failure or cheating when I do have a bite of something that is not in my diet. It’s difficult to avoid things in certain situations and I’m learning to be okay with it. I know what you mean though, the foods never taste as good as my mind thought they would. And I usually feel terrible if I eat too much of something that doesn’t agree with my body.

    • Hi Brittany, you make a really good point that I agree with – it shouldn’t be looked at as failure or cheating. Mentally, I find that it’s easier said than done and, on occassion, I still feel the guilt. I do try and plan my ‘treat’ (not ‘cheat’) moments. For example, I went to a wedding recently. I knew I would have a bite or two of cake. I took account of it in my weekly plan. This helped me be ok with it – knowing that I was still sticking to the plan for myself. It’s hard to always plan the moments, but I find it has helped my relationship with food, and helped with my overall mental happiness. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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