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Encouragement from a stranger [at the gym]


Photo by @Foxy_O taken June 2014 – Stratford, Ontario

Photo by @Foxy_O taken June 2014 – Stratford, Ontario

I love to workout and I’m definitely a bit of a gym addict.  In this post I told you how awesome my personal trainer is, in the this post I mentioned how a smile at the gym put me on cloud 9 and in this post I spoke about how I stood up to insults at the gym.   A few days ago I had another interesting moment at the gym that I want to share with you all.

I went to the gym, as usual, and worked hard, as usual.  I was focusing on an overall body workout.  I hit exercises that hit all the muscle groups, I moved between exercises quickly, I didn’t waste any time sleeping on a machine (oh, I’ve seen it being done!), or talking.  I focused and I had a great workout.

Just as I was leaving the workout area a man (I would say in his 50s) stopped me and randomly asked how long I had been training for.  I felt nervous, and like I wanted the ground to swallow me up whole.  The last thing I needed was someone judging me.  If you look at me then you may think I don’t workout.  I answered that I’d been training for a few years.  He said he’d been watching me and that I was doing everything right.  My form was great and I was doing a good job.  I didn’t know whether to be mortified (I’ve always operated under the assumption no one’s watching me!), or to be happy that someone thought I was doing a good job.  He went on to ask me if I ate a ‘clean diet’.  I said yes.  He spoke about how important a clean diet was – with no cheats.  He encouraged me – told me to keep going and that I’ll get there.  He was bigger in the past and once he started working out and eating clean the weight just fell off.  I was touched.  He was just showing that he cared.  He showed a genuine interest in me, and really just wanted me to succeed.  He appreciated that I was doing all the right things and encouraged me to keep going.  My faith in humanity was once again restored – not everyone is insulting me, laughing at me or waiting for me to fail.


Author: Foxy-O

I’m a 30-something female who’s striving to be the healthiest woman I can be through diet and exercise. In early 2013 I was introduced to the world of Paleo. I completed Whole30 and had fantastic results. I had finally found something that worked for me! My blog is a jumble of my thoughts as I take the journey through my life. Somewhere for me to unleash my views, my challenges, my failures and my successes (hopefully!).

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