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It’s Christmas Day!

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I love Christmas!  I’m not Christian and don’t celebrate for religious reasons.  As a kid my parents always put up a Christmas tree and decorations.  On Christmas morning my brother and I would run downstairs ready and excited to open our presents.  We even believed in Santa Claus when we were little.  My parents did everything to make sure we didn’t feel left out around our friends at school.  We had the traditional Christmas dinner with all the frills.  I look back on those days and realize why I love Christmas so much.  I think of it as a time with family, with those I love.  We laughed, we danced, we threw wrapping paper at eachother.  I am filled with happiness when I think of Christmas past.

Today I live with my husband and my parents and brother are across the ocean.  I miss them dearly, and miss them the most on special occassions.  However, I make sure that my family traditions run through to my home now – my husband and I laugh, dance and fill our hearts with happiness.  That’s what Christmas is all about for me.

There’s a lot of chatter about whether we should say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” – It’s all about a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday for me 🙂

Toronto ice storm December 2013

Toronto ice storm December 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone.  I hope it is filled with happiness and love!


Author: Foxy-O

I’m a 30-something female who’s striving to be the healthiest woman I can be through diet and exercise. In early 2013 I was introduced to the world of Paleo. I completed Whole30 and had fantastic results. I had finally found something that worked for me! My blog is a jumble of my thoughts as I take the journey through my life. Somewhere for me to unleash my views, my challenges, my failures and my successes (hopefully!).

One thought on “It’s Christmas Day!

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