Journey to the best health of my life (yes, the journey includes olives)

Personal trainers rock!


I had another amazing session at the gym today. I always walk away feeling great after a session with my personal trainer. I’ve been with him for almost 5 years. He’s a friend, but at the same time he’s the one that pushes me to my limits – the one who reminds me that I can do it – the one who keeps me motived when feel like giving up.  Today he gave me my Christmas card.  It made my day:

Personal trainers rock!

Card from my personal trainer – he rocks!

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!  May you end 2013 and start 2014 with smiles!

I’m sending you all positive energy 🙂


Author: Foxy-O

I’m a 30-something female who’s striving to be the healthiest woman I can be through diet and exercise. In early 2013 I was introduced to the world of Paleo. I completed Whole30 and had fantastic results. I had finally found something that worked for me! My blog is a jumble of my thoughts as I take the journey through my life. Somewhere for me to unleash my views, my challenges, my failures and my successes (hopefully!).

3 thoughts on “Personal trainers rock!

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